“I’m totally on board with letting go of diets and food rules and love the idea of becoming a confident eater, but where do I even start?”

That might be a question I get more than any other.

It’s a really great question and I’ve thought a lot about it. While there are a lot of layers to disordered eating and healing isn’t linear, there are 8 specific and essential foundational skills that apply to everyone.

To answer this question and provide a resource for it, Stephanie and I have developed Eat Confident Foundations – an 8 week course that walks you through each of these foundational skills and the strategies for how to implement each one.

The doors to Eat Confident Collective are now open and the Eat Confident Foundations course is a free bonus for those who sign up for a year. We know this process takes time and patience and that investing in yourself will pay dividends. I want to let you know that, in case you’ve been thinking about joining! You will never, ever, ever regret the time and energy you put into healing your relationship with food and your body.

Eat Confident Foundations

I also want to give you a small peek into 2 of the 8 Eat Confident Foundations skills: Create Positive Intentions and Separate Worth and Value From Appearance.

Create Positive Intentions
This is foundational to everything else you will do. This, no matter who you are, is essential to getting you where you want to go. That’s because you need to know where you are going before you ever start – you need to begin with the end in mind.

To identify your positive intentions, take some time to think about what your ideal relationship with food looks like. How do you want to feel about and behave around food?

Then practice that! Instead of telling yourself what NOT to do, start reminding yourself of what you DO want to do. Practice your ideal over and over. Success is inevitable when you practice the positive.

Separate Worth and Value From Appearance
You fight food because you fight your body. If you want to make peace with food, you need to make peace with your body.

You’ve been conditioned to believe that your appearance determines your worth and value. This happens either subconsciously from the subtle yet ubiquitous cultural messages that thin is best and/or directly through comments from caretakers, friends and loved ones who you naturally want to please and feel validation from.

Therefore, it takes consistent work and effort to separate your worth and value from your appearance. But if you do, you can have a negative thought about your body (which you will) and not feel desperate to FIX IT, or have it negatively impact your food behaviors.

I’m certain this course will be a helpful resource as you work to heal your relationship with food and your body. These 8 foundational skills build confidence and trust and are also what you come back to when you’re struggling. Becoming a confident eater is a process, and it will take time, but you will get there when you commit to the process.

As mentioned, the doors to the collective are currently open! You can click HERE to learn more and sign up (and read about the 3 bonuses, which includes Eat Confident Foundations online course!).

The missing ingredient in your relationship with food is confidence and we are totally confident that we can help you find it. You may not trust your body, yourself or food but we TOTALLY trust you and your body. We know you have it in you to be a confident eater without any outside rules or plans. We’d love to see you inside the Collective!