Eating Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

Let’s Work Through This Together.

I have no doubt you can become the expert of your own health.

That’s why we will collaborate to create a flexible, satisfying and (most importantly) realistic plan for you based on your personal concerns and goals. Together we’ll shift from intimidation, confusion and frustration, and move towards peace and satisfaction.

You will no longer hand your power over to a diet, food trends or even a health professional. You can be in charge of your own well-being.

Are We a Good Fit?

That depends. My services are an excellent match for you if you’re:

  • Looking to improve your relationship with food
  • Struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your negative body image
  • Ready to prioritize your health and well-being over weight and numbers.

I’ve helped athletes, pregnant women, individuals with diabetes, heart disease, those who struggle with digestive issues as well as food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances gain confidence in nourishing their body properly.

Don’t live in Utah? I offer video conferencing for those who live outside of Cache Valley.

How It Works

The Jump Start Program



Everyone begins with the jump start program. This is where we make a plan for you and figure out the best plan for achieving your goals.
  • Three sessions — initial with two follow up sessions
  • Health history review
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic plan
  • Email support between sessions
  • Shift perspective from numbers and weight to supporting overall wellbeing
  • Implement skills to navigate challenges around food and body image
  • Apply tools and strategies to develop eating patterns without guilt or shame
  • Use therapeutic options for managing disease states, worrisome physical symptoms and possible digestive issues.

Groups and Speaking Opportunities

Want to share the empowerment? I also am available for group classes, corporate wellness, seminars and other public speaking events. Please contact me directly for pricing.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns prior to scheduling, I am happy to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation with you.

I want you to feel confident in our work together!