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Becoming Foodtuitive means embracing a healthier perspective and embarking on a journey to unlock freedom and care for your body in a natural and healthy way. This is a place to find advice, inspiration and tools to make positive changes in your life, starting today.

“Hi, I’m Emily,  When I’m not busy working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am married to my biggest supporter and mom to three fun and busy kids. We enjoy sports, being outdoors and getting creative in the kitchen.”

Weight Stigma

My husband is a rockstar at sniffing out the best places to eat when we travel. He’s also a pro at navigating the Disneyland scene - we’ve never waited longer than 10 minutes in a line. But that’s a story for a different day. This story is about this past week and our...

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Mindful Eating: Breaking Free From Habitual Food Patterns

A while back I discussed how mindfulness can reduce needless physical and emotional suffering.  I outlined something I call “food meditation”, which is designed to rewire how our brains think about - and thus how we behave around - food.  I want to build on that idea...

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Elimination Diets: Are They Really Helpful?

Elimination diets are really popular these days. They are often prescribed, recommended or adopted as a way to treat digestive issues, symptoms of inflammation, auto-immune diseases, mental health concerns, hormone imbalances and migraines to name a few. While I...

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Nourishing Confidence

This new website and branding has been a long time coming. I am grateful to the folks at String Marketing for helping me bring my vision to life. Through a series of interviews they helped me nail down my messaging and produce a brand that I couldn’t be happier with....

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Cookie Recipe x2!

A few months ago I taught my 12 year old how to make cookies and it has been the gift that keeps on giving.  

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Loving Lately {2}

Apparently it’s been almost a year since I shared some things I’m loving lately. Well, let’s change that!

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Your Cravings Have Wisdom

Our current nutrition culture is such that you likely have felt a lot of judgment about having them, particularly if they are for “unhealthy” foods. 

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Eating Lately

I love talking about food.  It’s a good thing too because I spend a large portion of each week doing so.

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